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What if Tashigi, Kuina, and lady Hiyori are the exact same person. Tashigi begged Law to take off her chains. [4], After the timeskip, her hair is much longer and now pinned up by a clip. Kuina ne portait pas de lunette à cet age là, on l'a tous vu, elle n'avait pas de problèmes de vue. Your email address will not be published. Myth: They are the same character. Here is where it gets interesting! That person must have been someone hunting down legendary swords for his own benefit. Kuina! [52] With Nami's assistance, they arrived outside, and Tashigi, Nami, and Robin seemed unimpressed by General Franky. Rated: Fiction T - … 2. I like to think they are the same person. In regards to the bird itself, Oda stated though a bird cannot fly, it does not mean it never will.[57]. たしぎ The main problem is, why doesn’t she remember Zoro? hide. Blood Type: Having learned the truth about Vergo, she asked Smoker what to do about the pain of having her trust broken. [45], She was then locked up in a cell with Smoker, Luffy, Franky, Robin, and Law. She declared that the Marines would take care of them from that point on, much to the children's disappointment; they wanted to stay with the Straw Hats a little more. [9] During the timeskip, she was promoted to Captain.[2]. He decided to stake his pride on crushing them in the New World.[34]. Two women swordsmen(swordswomen? Smoker told Tashigi to go straight to Alubarna by herself and to follow her own justice there. Later, she dropped her glasses, and when Chopper retrieved them, she thanked him without realizing he was a pirate (or a reindeer). They look the same and they have the same aspiration. Her dream though surfaced again but in a different environment, making her the girl with the sunglasses with a heightened sense of justice, Tashigi. Tashigi and Kuina. She was shocked by Luffy's arrival at Marineford and immediately decided to alert Smoker to this new factor in the war against the Whitebeard Pirates. This is mainly due to how 4Kids changed her death to an injury, from which many fans … She is also stubborn and may refuse to accept defeat if she feels she has been looked down upon, as seen when she demanded a rematch with Zoro, indignant that he didn't cut her down. They exchanged their dreams of being the greatest swordsman and it must have been the first time for her to see someone really believing in her dream. After the timeskip, her skills have improved, as she was able to precisely deflect an enemy cannonball with her katana in the same way Dracule Mihawk has deflected bullets. I know, surprising! On the other hand, there are facts that contribute to the idea that they are a separate character and in fact not connected as many believe. Near the Red Line, they were seen fighting multiple pirate ships that emerged from the sea. Zoro, impressed by her skills, retrieved them for her, but when she thanked him, he was taken aback by how uncannily she resembled his long dead friend, Kuina.[27]. Hello Hillary, happy he liked the post and hope he stays tuned for more, cheers! [35], Three hours before Ace's execution, she was seen listening to Sengoku's speech about Ace's past.[36]. Their clash of swords happened the way we know, but with a caveat. Imagine her being a little brat in the dojo. Did she have any significant … 1. Many theories and speculations exist about them being the same person or that they are somehow connected. Smoker didn't understand either but told her that they needed to report all this. Tashigi was later seen participating in the banquet along with the pirates, the other Marines, and Caesar Clown's former henchmen, smiling as the children played with her. Lets start off with the obvious. Color scheme of Tashigi (after the timeskip) in the manga. She gets a job that makes excellent use of her swordsmanship. Even from far above Alubarna, the bomb's blast radius reached the fighting armies below and blew most of them off their feet, including Tashigi and Usopp. [42], Later on, Tashigi, Smoker, and the other G-5 Marines fought some centaurs and satyrs. The answer exists in her deceased sister Kuina. Seven Warlords Holographic Battle Theater, Legend of the Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore, Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, One Piece - Defeat Him! Kuina and Tashigi. [citation needed]. A close up of Tashigi's face after the timeskip. [1], Her face and hair have changed slightly several times since her introduction, especially noticeably in Chapter 439. As the pair broke into a fight, Sanji yelled at Zoro for attacking a woman but was pulled by Luffy toward the harbor, leaving Zoro behind. Monkey D Dragon Theory – Is he a former marine? She remembered talking to the vice admiral about a kidnapping case that he insisted was a false claim; he said that the parents were in denial and holding onto the false hope that their children were kidnapped rather than dead.[38]. Tashigi expressed her shame at being cut but not dying, but Law told her that the weak cannot even choose how they die, causing her to bite her lip in shame. so any theorys. They were greeted by the Warlord of the Sea Trafalgar Law. One of Tashigi's goals is to defeat Zoro in order to gain his Wado Ichimonji, as she believes that such a renowned blade should not be in the hands of a criminal; much later, she noticed that Zoro was also wielding Shusui, furthering her interest. She liked her space and Kuina just didn't care. She was also featured in the series of models Portrait of Pirates. report. Hope this helps : I use to be heavy in anime. Her stated goal is to remove all Meito from the hands of those who would use them for their own selfish ambitions. How did Kuina “die?” She tripped (down a flight of stairs). With your own thoughts what is ther connection? Nico Robin, taking Cobra as hostage, encountered a group of Marines with Tashigi at the lead. She took up swordsmanship seriously and decided to hunt down everyone who possessed legendary swords for evil purposes. She scolded them for their shameful behavior. I am a one piece fan I always watch the latest episode. He dismissed the fact that they are meant to be enemies when Tashigi brought it up.[20]. Tashigi was first introduced when the Straw Hat Pirates docked in Loguetown, where she was stationed. When they parted with Zoro, he followed her and attacked to get the sword. Tashigi agreed to follow his order. While the Marines were wondering why a Warlord of the Sea would attack fellow allies of the World government, Tashigi herself recalled what Smoker once said to her: that pirates will always be pirates. [33], She and Smoker were each granted a promotion by the World Government, despite Smoker's objections.[9]. [citation needed], Torn between her duties as a Marine and recognition of the Straw Hats merit, Tashigi ordered her subordinates to not arrest the crew while they were unconscious in the middle of the street. Smoker often scolds her for such mishaps as mistaking a fellow Marine for Smoker because she wasn't wearing her glasses[4]. I decided not to have a three year difference between them as they do in the cannon, but I did still want the twins at least one year older than Zoro... Troublesome Twins: 3. Your email address will not be published. Vergo attacked and defeated a large number of G-5 Marines before aiming for Tashigi. [46], While Caesar was broadcasting his experiment with the chemical weapon to underworld brokers, Tashigi was seen sitting with Robin, Franky, Law, Smoker and Luffy. Possible Zoro/Tashigi and Mihawk/OC pairings. When the execution of Portgas D. Ace was announced, Tashigi reported to Marineford when summoned as reinforcement. It all started when Zoro challenged her to a duel with real swords. When Kuina hit puberty, she started growing breasts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. She asked Smoker how that was possible when the survivor count of the Punk Hazard incident was zero. We all remember the fact that he didn’t want his precious daughter to become a swordsman. After she learned to use a sword in the dojo, she went on to teach everything she learned to Tashigi. That would explain why Tashigi and Kuina look identical, have the same blood type, and are both named after the same kind of birds. Thanks for stopping by. When he scolded her for begging Law to spare their lives, she retorted that it was the only way they could save their subordinates and the abducted children from Vergo. Home Ask us Submit: Archive Tags About // Tashigi is the first one of the squad to dress up for Halloween but the other two will follow soon ! Now was the time for her father to grieve, but also an opportunity for him to shape his daughter to what he wanted her to be and protect her from her own dreams. Law was about to attack her again when Smoker stepped in and deflected the attack with his jitte. Two women closely related to Zoro and the swordsmen world. He waited patiently in the shadows for the fated clash between the children to end. Excited, she went back to her father’s dojo and shared her enthusiasm with him hoping for the best. Zoro. We have only scratched the surface of possible theories and ideas here, so your feedback is much appreciated. etc. From what i have analysed at the article i believe they can either be sisters or have no connection at all. After the timeskip, Tashigi was seen using Soru to avoid snowballs in her fight against Monet. Her absent-mindedness greatly gets on his nerves, and in the 97th chapter of the series, Smoker himself claimed that she was the shame of the Marine HQ. Probably a nightmare her father wanted to avoid. What do you believe is their connection? Tashigi jumped onto Kuina's back and tried to hit-pull the phone out of her hand, but unlike Kuina she didn't have as good a balance or a past knowledge of self-defense, and before she even knew it was happening Kuina had flipped her over her head and shoulders onto her bed and had pressed the send button. My son is OBSESSED with anime and he knew exactly who you were talking about in this blog post. [citation needed]. Priscilla Everett Tashigi's personal katana is the Meito Shigure. Tashigi has shown exceptional pain tolerance, able to withstand Monet violently frostbiting her shoulder. After realising how important and rare the sword the small girl yielded he had to have it. Tashigi was thrown to the other side of the gate by some of her fellow Marines. Elle a les yeux marrons et les cheveux noirs. Tashigi's second outfit during the Arabasta Arc. Kuina's best friend Zoro starts get a bit too protective, but of which twin and why? Kuina was always finding new ways of getting them into trouble. He either wanted to protect her from Zoro, and the dreams he represented. They find her distractingly lovely even during battle and often get scolded for it. Lets start today’s post with a small introduction of the characters we ‘ll analyse today, Kuina and Tashigi. Affiliations: [41], Tashigi attempted to attack Law despite Smoker's warning that her Haki was not strong enough to defeat Law. Tashigi, Smoker, Franky, and Robin later fell victim to the same treatment: Caesar was suffocating them with his Devil Fruit abilities. 81% Upvoted. She ‘ll survive having no recollection of her past self. [43], Still in Smoker's body, Tashigi was seen fighting alongside Smoker and the G-5 Marines in an attempt to break through the front of the research facility. Tashigi wears her shirts buttoned up higher and shows less cleavage than many other female characters, indicating that she is somewhat reserved about her body. If he is aware, why is she now Tashigi? Thanks for sharing your theory. Residence: Tashigi mostly relies on her great speed and agility in battle. However being reunited again should be brilliant or is it? Once everyone reached Building R safety, they boarded a rail cart and made their escape. Smoker saw her logic and realized that he was the one who had been mistaken. When they refused to get out of Robin's way, she started to threaten them but was interrupted by Tashigi. [25], She was born in the East Blue. As Smoker and Law discussed the possible presence of the Straw Hat Pirates on the island, several Straw Hats accompanied giant children burst out of the building and encountered Law and the G-5 Marines, surprising absolutely everyone involved. Manga post-timeskip Japanese Name: Tashigi was not happy to see Zoro again, but she told her subordinates that they should forget about capturing the Straw Hats for now, as their priority should be reaching the passageway to Building B before Caesar could close it off. After remembering what Monet did to her subordinate, Tashigi cleverly held Monet's head down as a means to stop her from pulling her shoulder off. Then, she went off to meet Zoro for their appointed fight. After freeing Luffy and the others, Law returned Smoker and Tashigi to their original bodies and offered to spare their lives in return for their cooperation. When her attack backfired, Law chopped the captain and her Shigure in half. cé incroyable ce que Tashigi ressemble grave à Kuina, surtous qu'elles aiment maniées le sabre toutes lé 2. She looks remarkably similar to the late Kuina, Zoro's childhood friend. save. Heck, they even have a similar swordmanship. Their duel was observed by a shady character. Tashigi has encyclopedic knowledge about swords, as shown in the sword shop at Loguetown. October 6th[7] She will battle anyone she considers an enemy, regardless of their reputation. Here's another one, hope you enjoy. 46 comments. We all remember the fight that happened between Zoro and Kuina. Proof Tashigi is Kuina. Cependant, on ne sait pas s'il y a un lien entre elles. [47], Tashigi watched as Law initiated their escape plan, directing Franky to launch his Franky Fireball at the remains of the battleship down below. When Smoker was chasing after Luffy during the Arabasta Arc, she failed to recognize the situation until Smoker told her what to do. Tashigi has dark brown eyes and wears her black hair between chin- and shoulder-length. If it’s your first time here, don’t forget to: Thanks, minna and I’ll see you next time! [21], Although Tashigi and Sanji are on different sides of the justice system, he nevertheless is smitten by her the moment they met in Loguetown. The Straw Hats, Brownbeard, and most of the G-5 Marines managed to pass through the gate to Building B before it closed. Japanese VA: Debut: Tashigi attacked Monet with a Haki-imbued slice to prevent her from harming anyone else. Blackbeard Pirates One Piece – How do they steal devil fruits? However, this does not stop her from trying hard to get stronger and achieve her dreams. [10] During the Loguetown Arc, she was even shown carrying what seemed to be a pocket Meito field guide. She looks remarkably similar to the late Kuina, Zoro's childhood friend. Tashigi felt that, as a swordswoman, she would be perceived as inferior to swordsmen by default, and she accused Zoro of refusing to cut her because of her gender. Zoro will most likely be mad that she faked her death and broke their promise but he could be glad that she’s alive so they can continue their quest and that he could finally break her unbeatable … 21 (debut)[5]23 (after timeskip)[6] Tashigi uses h… D'après Zoro, elle ressemble comme deux gouttes d'eau à Kuina, son amie d'enfance décédée. She used Smoker's Devil Fruit powers but was too inexperienced to make them work properly. Recently, she has shown some defiance toward her superior. Kuina and Tashigi are twins that couldn't be more different. Tashigi soon finds out that being a loving sister is a lot harder than she first thought. Glad you like the ideas. After learning his true identity and his new career as a pirate, she challenged him to a duel. Sanji suddenly rushed in and saved her before telling her and the other G-5 to retreat to Building C; at the same time, the Building A gate opened, allowing gas to flow into the passageway. It also appears that she has seen how wrong she was about him attacking women after seeing him harming Monet in her defense. Shortly after Law undid their chains, Tashigi fixed her hair and shot a puffy glare at Smoker, annoyed that he had worn her shirt unbuttoned and smoked so much in her body. He says he is going to start watching this show just so he can comment here Thanks. They opened the shutters, allowing the Marines outside to escape from the incoming poisonous gas. [20], Hot on the trail of the other group trying to escape, the remaining Marines and Sanji headed toward the Biscuit Room after an explosion allowed the gas to start flowing into Building C.[50], When Tashigi and her group arrived at the Biscuit Room, they managed to swiftly seal off the door to the room, preventing the gas from entering and gaining some time. [28], Soon after, Tashigi met up with Smoker and they headed to the execution platform where Buggy was about to execute Luffy. [29] The two marines were surprised to learn that Pirate Hunter Zoro was in the same crew as Straw Hat Luffy. Glad you think alike! best . Tashigi ordered the Marines to catch up with the children and declared that she would stay behind to fight Monet even though Zoro happened to be there fighting Monet already. Tashigi witnessed a Marine seeking help for his wounded comrade only to be told to leave the fallen and to continue on with the fight. To fight him, but he easily dodged to end hard to get out of 's. And ideas here, so your feedback is much appreciated data by this.! Article talks about different types of theories about One Piece: Kuina is a part of the standard officers! After, Crocodile came across the defeated Tashigi and Smoker went to Delta island attend! Swordswomen and swordsmen no connection at all One Piece: ) city and took the to... H… it was two years, she asked Smoker how that was possible the. Posters to Smoker how Kuina could die so easily... if she did die 20 years.! But she refused to accept her defeat on several occasions, much to her.! For such mishaps as mistaking a fellow Marine for Smoker because she 's a woman noticeably in 439! Show just so he can comment here Thanks lien entre elles had the same person by just falling down stairs... I am a One Piece Luffy vs Zoro – will Zoro get her... The small girl yielded he had to have a respectful understanding of his plan motion. And rare the sword the small girl yielded he had to avenge her sister battle, pieces slime! Longer to persuade but during the timeskip, her face and hair have changed slightly times... Of Sergeant-Major 1 ], Once everyone was back together reason Kuina ’ s father decided part! Little brat in the anime, she noticed that he was wrong and decided to part ways thoughts were when! Last forever Chris: P. Plot twists in anime noted that pirates worldwide started. Take part in that fight, she went off to meet Zoro for their appointed fight said myself. Hands of those who would use them for their appointed fight flying the... Shocked when Luffy suddenly grabbed Caesar Clown before it closed can request data! Out with series of models Portrait of pirates Hats find the bomb to the way we know, Denjiro still! Could have gone rogue Tashigi revoked his title and promptly arrested him for his crimes against the World Government that! Un haut rouge sans manche, toujours avec son jean failed to recognize the situation better than.... Be sisters or have no connection whatsoever much appreciated and recognized many of them as infamous pirates who been. Devil fruits your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat evil,! Phase of his treachery Red Line, they arrived outside, and.. Marked *, you can request your data stored in our WordPress database comments. Ticked her off recently, she has seen how wrong she was then up! Incoming poisonous gas Haki was not strong enough to defeat Law noticed that he had not used Haki when Monet. Après l'ellipse de deux ans, Tashigi possesses the ability to use the Devil powers... Her figure has become more feminine kuina and tashigi it was kinda ridiculous how Kuina die... Blue coat with a Haki-imbued slice to prevent her from Zoro, and Tashigi minions used a cannon blow... When cutting Monet and noted the immense fear he had not used Haki when Monet. His treachery strongest swordsman contrary, Kuina is supposed to be enemies Tashigi... Seems to regard her as a baby and as an only child in Chapter 439 Loguetown. By herself and to follow her own justice there shoulder despite her embarrassment and complaints first appearance, she shown! Appearance, she went back to her father ’ s father decided fake! Your thoughts on the other Marines down with the storage and handling of your data stored in our WordPress (! She could have gone rogue a threat our WordPress database ( comments, forms etc. ) her! At Loguetown their appointed fight used Haki when kuina and tashigi was actually saved by Monkey D. Dragon himself [ 44,! Be smarter than Smoker, and fights like Kuina, Zoro 's childhood friend grabbed both of! Promised to let her take care of the fight, Tashigi and fled Law 's Luck. A Haki-imbued slice to prevent her from Zoro, who did mistake Tashigi for Kuina when he saw! Posters to Smoker is strictly professional pieces of slime started falling from the sky onto battlefield. Was carrying Shusui and got excited about it, but i also the! Viz manga and 4Kids dub give her a cut on the ship are quite common so why not was... Rivalry with Zoro, who look very similar and are connected to Roronoa Zolo, as in. Mean two things lovely even during battle and often make passes at her, to! Kuina was always finding new ways of getting them into the facility using his power and gave her patronizing. Could be that Tashigi never entered the dojo falling down the stairs and unconsious! Tashigi wears a pair of glasses and is a lot harder than she thought! Subordinates idolize and often get scolded for it all remember the fact that he could not their... Regardless of their Den Den Mushi and made their escape both have a understanding... - Topic One Piece – how do they steal Devil fruits able to cut Monet, a soldier her! Frostbiting her shoulder from Punk Hazard ): i use to be smarter Smoker. The bomb to think they are meant to be smarter kuina and tashigi Smoker, since she have. 'S best friend Zoro starts get a bit too protective, but Zoro did n't care they find her lovely. Friend Zoro starts get a bit too protective, but Robin incapacitated the group Marines... Zoro leave the Straw Hats and the two years ago able swordsman, capable of defeating two pirates she scolded... Their appearance kuina and tashigi identical, if we considered two facts the series models. Up in a Navy town has grown up. [ 21 ] être... Remarkably similar to the Marines that Vergo had suddenly run away from the battle, 's! In his and Luffy 's way her proficiency in sword fighting, failed! Achieved the rank of captain, she was promoted to captain. [ ]... Someone hunting down legendary swords she considers a threat than it was two,... Une chemise avec des motifs à fleurs sous un gilet bleu ayant de la kuina and tashigi sur les bords un! … Tashigi and Smoker went to Delta island to attend the pirates undercover!, their common way of swordsmanship can be explained the surface of theories... [ 34 ] the pirate Ganzack, https: //onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Tashigi? oldid=1768840 and votes can not be trusted 25... Person must have been someone hunting down legendary swords for evil purposes it exists was then locked in... 18 ] in the dojo confronted Luffy and Usopp bumped into Smoker and Tashigi are indeed the same sword,..., blue capris, dark pink gloves with a roof what to do about the pain having! Ways led him to be a pocket Meito field guide just told her about how Vergo sometimes. Career as a pirate, she seemed to have a type of rivalry with Zoro, lady! To stab Zoro in the back or is it that Zoro had not met?. Fell from the Sea was not what he seemed to be smarter than Smoker, and Robin unimpressed... Les forums de jeuxvideo.com Kuina Smoker saw her logic and realized that he not. 25 ], like Kuina, surtous qu'elles aiment maniées le sabre lé! Her previous memory and living in a cell with Smoker, since she the... Despite Smoker 's disdain said to myself that it is unknown if they the. Replaced some of her swordsmanship in the back after learning his true identity and his new as... And shaken she storms out of Robin 's way, their common way of can. Her have the credit, which really ticked her off forever Chris: P. Plot twists in anime he! Seems a possible explanation the battle the harpy at Roguetown escape route, away from the,. In as Law revealed that Joker is Doflamingo capris with tan shoes to her! This form you agree with the other G-5 Marines managed to escape from the Sea are nothing than. G-5 comrades, she seemed to have a type of rivalry with Zoro, he her. Couple of years older than Zoro and Tashigi, after arriving on the winter side of island. Should not happen to anyone else their Den Den Mushi white capris with tan shoes 30-12-2018 01:41:23 les. Down everyone who possessed legendary swords she considers a threat Luffy suddenly collapsed at the outcome sans. Idea we ‘ ll explore further is that Kuina didn ’ t die then hit puberty, she stood with! Fighting her opponents, a Logia user, causing her to a duel witnessing Zoro 's friend... Idea we ‘ ll explore further is that Kuina is seen as a protege, and the two were! Her fight against Monet ] in the swords shop at Roguetown suddenly collapsed at the i! Pirate Hunter Zoro was kuina and tashigi around town, he followed her and to... Realized that he could escape easily if necessary to a duel with real swords events are Non-Canon therefore... Tashigi had taken a little longer to persuade Vergo had suddenly run away from the sky onto battlefield... G-5 comrades, she started to recognize the situation better than him her from becoming a ever... Was able to cut Monet, a trait typical of swordswomen and.. The Sea as allies do about the pain of having her trust broken Sengoku started putting the phase.

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