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You’re welcome! Nicknamed “Osaka’s kitchen” because both local homeowners and restaurant chefs get their supplies here, the market is famous for its fresh seafood and has recently become a popular tourist location. Hahaha. We decided to go big, and ordered the full option takoyaki combo, with cheese and all the toppings. All those sashimi especially your picture of the UNI really made my mouth water. Read more. If Tokyo has its Tsukiji Market, Osaka has the Kuromon Ichiba Market to boast its status as “Japan’s Kitchen”. Visiting Osaka's Kuromon-Ichiba Market. the things i love about markets is that you found everything and plus that you found great food. At the market there were also a couple shops selling home-made Japanese pickles and preserved items, all of which looked good. Osaka offers many famous foods. Am planning to go there later this year. During the Kuromon Market tour you’ll spend a couple of hours with your guide tasting from the variety of food on offer at the market vendors stores. This tour comes highly recommended since you get to taste the best food and drinks from a local’s perspective, thanks to your friendly and knowledgeable local guide. . Kansai International Airport. weren’t even in the class of the really high class fruit like the grapes and honey dew melons, but they were still so vibrant and pretty. Beware, as Wednesday is the regular closing day for the market. Love Asian food markets … haven’t been to Japan yet, but I’ll make a point to drop by this market when in Osaka! The tour covers morning fish market, eateries and sightseeing spots in downtown areas. Yum this all looks so fresh and delicious..sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra for good quality! Okonomiyaki SubstanceP / Getty Images. Osaka is a popular destination for shopping and eating in Japan! The many small shops and stalls sell everything from fresh takoyaki and oden to cheap Kobe beef, tuna and scallops. Osaka - Food market. You’ll find all manner of seafood, meat and vegetables along its 580 metres length. The broth was light and soothing, nothing strong in flavor, but with just a tiny fish flavor and maybe a hint of a smokiness as well. Since 1822, Kuromon Market has served as the backbone of Osaka food culture, supplying restaurants and chefs daily with fresh produce, seafood, meats and kitchenware. We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. 02 of 10. All the best , Hi Ace, good to hear you’ll be going to Japan soon. 11 Reviews. Osaka is famous for its food, and Osaka’s people take great pride in their love of their local cuisine. I wasn’t hungry at all… until I saw the gorgeous photos here. In Osaka, you may even find meat in the assortment of ingredients. One of the best spots for food in Osaka is Kuromon Market. Osaka Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Arcade, Japan. This is because this undercover market, which is 600 meters in length and has close to 200 shops, sells pretty much everything used in Japanese cooking. Find here clothes, shoes, gadgets and more, but the main focus is food, and there’s plenty to choose from. It is less than 5 min walk south of Nipponbashi subway station. How to get to there: And luckily since Osaka has such a hassle free public transportation system, as in most of Japan, you can easily get there by Subway. This is a dish that locals are incredibly fond of. Best known for its exciting theme park and hearty street food, Osaka promises a myriad of halal food at every corner. Osaka Market Food Tour. I have to admit, I was going to avoid the circular tubes of what looked like fish cake in the pot… and I was going to stick with more of the familier items like the meat and daikon. Cafes, local eateries, ramen parlours, sushi bars, exquisite dining in aristocratic ryoteis… you name it, Osaka has it. Explore Osaka, the "kitchen of Japan" with the locals! Thank you for your blog review! This tour comes highly recommended since you get to taste the best food and drinks from a local’s perspective, thanks to your friendly and knowledgeable local guide. Kuromon Market ("Black Gate Market," named for the large black gate that once stood by the nearby Emmeji Temple) is a hive of over 170 shops specializing in | Ichiban OSAKA, Osaka’s best informational website for tourists, shopping lovers, and gourmet! We grabbed a couple front row seats and bought a plastic little box of rolled sushi that was overflowing with tuna. Both raw foods and hot meals are sold. And no one place in Osaka offers more for food travelers than Dotonbori in Osaka, Japan, Osaka’s famous food street.In this Dotonbori food guide, we share our tips on what to eat in Dotonbori and where. Kuromon Market (黒門市場, Kuromon Ichiba) is a covered public market that stretches around 600 meters parallel to Sakaisujidori Street in the Minami area of Osaka.The market has about 150 shops that predominantly sell fish, meat and produce, with other shops also purveying traditional sweets and low priced clothes and homeware. By: All Star Osaka Walk. Hey Daryl, awesome to hear you enjoyed this market too! 3 hours. The scallop was first popped open, cleaned, then put back into half of its shell, and then set on the grill. It will absolutely be an outstanding tour for those who would like to try different kinds of Osaka foods and we're sure that the tour will make your Osaka trip 10 times more memorable and enjoyable than visiting on your own! Take Mark’s recommendations for the food in the market especially the scallop! If you’re going to wake up early to eat your way through Osaka, there are few better places to begin than Kuromon Market. On a cold day, biting on a daikon soaked in the hot broth is simply indescribable bliss (Yes, try it!). Discover and book Kuromon Market Food Walking Tour in Osaka on Tripadvisor $ You can also visit the popular Kougaryu in Shinsaibashi. If you have a few minutes you can watch everything I ate at the market in the video below. The Kansai region includes the unique cities of Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto and is a massive market with a population of 24.65 million people and a GDP of approximately 100.05 trillion yen. Osaka Food Guide. As a result it can get quite crowded. Mar. An unique food experience in Osaka. Most of the sales are made to businesses and professional chefs, but Kuromon Ichiba also caters to the public. Again, just like at the rest of the food stalls we tried at the market, the lady selling the oden was really friendly and made the experience visiting the market and eating oden even better than it already was. People living in the area come to the market to do their shopping, buy produce and fish, new clothes and shoes, gadgets, and all sorts of other things available. The store is open from 10.00 – 22.30 (till 21.30 on Sundays) and you can eat in or take away. There are sushi/sashimi restaurants serving sea-food dishes such as the popular and pricy blowfish. As a result it can get quite crowded. There are many local specialties in Osaka, but there are five essential dishes you really must try. Oden is a special winter time Japanese food, and it includes a bunch of different ingredients like daikon radish, and a variety of skewers and meatballs and fish balls, all slowly bubbling in a vat of stock. These tangerines (maybe?) We love visiting fresh food markets when we travel in Japan, besides Tsukiji in Tokyo which everyone is aware, most large cities in Japan has thriving traditional food markets (vs. supermarket). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. No doubt, Kuromon Ichiba market is the best place to taste on Osaka’s best food. The Magical Trip guides are local, friendly and they speak excellent English so this is the ideal opportunity to ask all the questions you have about the market, Japanese foods and Osaka in general on a fun and relaxed tour. Again, even though it wasn’t the most attractive skewer of meat, like grilled Japanese yakitori, something about the beef oden was so flavorful – maybe because it was gushing with all the oden juices, and it was very tender as well. Thanks! I’ve even included the Japanese names and addresses in case you need to ask locals for help. What we saw, what we ate. Kuromon Market Food Walking Tour in Osaka cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. The stall, which I didn’t know at the time, but only found out after doing some researching, was. The only disappointing thing about visiting Kuromon Ichiba Market was my budget. The Umeda branch of Aizuya. Thanks for the tips! Reply. Your guide'll give you some tips about what to try in Osaka for your rest of your Osaka trip. The Full 1-Day Osaka Foodie Itinerary 9:00am Kuromon Market. If you’re planning to take in the sights of Osaka, be sure to check out these halal restaurants that are nearby. As soon as we arrived to the market, we decided to try some takoyaki at a prominent takoyaki stall right in the middle of the market. In fact, some regard Osaka as the Kitchen of Japan! 8 Reviews. This market looks amazing ! It is one of the most common and popular comfort food for winter in Japan. Was there from 9am till about 11am. Vendors often reserve a small corner for you in their stall to enjoy your seafood on the spot. The stall, which I didn’t know at the time, but only found out after doing some researching, was Takoyaki Wanaka (たこやき道楽 わなか 千日前本店), one of the most famous brands of takoyaki in Osaka with multiple branches around the city. ‘ Known as ‘Osaka’s kitchen’, Kuromon Market is a lively place full of delicious food stalls and restaurants. Kuromon Ichiba is a lively covered market which stretches for 580 meters in Osaka’s Chuo Ward. According to Tripadvisor travelers, these are the best ways to experience Kuromon Market: Kuromon Market Food Walking Tour in Osaka (From $42.67) Osaka Kuromon Market & Dotombori Street Walking Food Tour (From $100.10) Smal Group or Private Kansai Soul Tour in Osaka including Japanese Snacks (From $106.50) Osaka Market Food Tour (From $178.72) One of the things that never gets old in Japan is the beautiful assortment of fruits and vegetables. Address: 2 542 0073, 2 Chome-4-1 Nipponbashi, Osaka Prefecture 542-0073, Japan Friends and locals shared their favourites and go-to places with us, and we have compiled this Osaka food guide for your easy reference so that you will never have a bad meal at Osaka. It was originally a market where some Namba restaurants would get their supplies from but somewhere along the way more shops opened access to everyone making it one of Osaka's most popular tourist spots. I guess a layer of good quality cheese over the top of the little octopus pancake balls was only in my imagination; After seasoning the takoyaki with a layer of sauce, a good’ol processed Kraft single was placed on top. However, if you want to really experience the local cuisine and atmosphere of a place, the best places to go are the local markets. When I reached about 9am, I would say that 80 odd percent of the shops are open. Thank you for sharing all your favourite food places and experiences. Need a new bra? Osaka is a haven for people who love food. “Es gibt ein Einkaufszentrum in Japan, … After seeing a giant tuna head, and a table filled with the tuna overflowing on little arranged trays of sushi, I had to make a stop for our next snack at the market. Dwight and I couldn’t resist, and we each got the 750 Yen per scallop size. Osaka is home to one of Japan’s most vibrant food cultures. To reach the Korea Town area, take the West Exit of the station. Since we went to Kuromon Ichiba Market on our first day just after arriving in Osaka, along with the other snacks, I still needed to have my first bite of tuna. Mark, I stayed up last night watching your videos in preparation for my next trip to Osaka! 263 were here. Prema Chablani also contributed to this piece. 3 hours. Nishiki Market (錦市場, Nishiki Ichiba) is a narrow, five block long shopping street lined by more than one hundred shops and restaurants. I used a Canon 70 d with a 17 – 55 mm lens. This time the tuna appeared to be mostly the red dark meat, known in Japanese as akami, as opposed to the white creamy colored tuna belly. This exit takes you directly into the heart of the covered shopping arcade of Tsuruhashi. The market is close to 600 meters long with 170 shops. Totally the best! I have a lot of favorite foods, but when it comes to seafood, one of my absolute favorite things from the ocean are scallops. The area, also known as Kuromon Ichiba or Black Gate Market, once ran amok with fresh fish traders, who eventually established the Osaka fish market in 1902.Now, more than 150 shop vendors and local chefs see an average 23,000 customers every day. “Osaka Food and Drink Tour at Kuromon Market and Dotonbori Area” is a 3-hour walking tour that can show you around the market with delicious must-have local food! Part of the reason it was so good was that it was completely fresh, taken right off the griddle, seasoned, and served… not because of the piece of processed cheese. While Japanese food is all about beauty and presentation, oden pushes all that beautiful food presentation aside, and just focusing on the comfort. With a history that dates to the early 1820s, Kuromon Market is as much a historical landmark as it is a modern-day icon. Kuromon Market. A serving will usually consist of eight to 12 takoyaki and will undoubtedly fill you up for the day. … Some Osaka restaurants serve beef from nearby Kobe while other Osaka menus feature typical Japanese favorites like sushi, ramen and udon. Known as the Kitchen of Japan, Osaka is the place for food. Best markets and street food in Osaka Kuromon Ichiba Market. 3 von 414 Shopping in Osaka. It differs from other supermarkets by featuring many uniquely Asian food products not available in other retail outlets. Kuromon Ichiba Market 黒門市場. Hey Stephanie, good to hear that, hope you had an amazing time visiting Kuromon Market. Dotonbori Food Guide. With such an intense culinary culture, Osaka is a city with a wide variety of eating options ranging from Japanese street food on Dontonbori Street to fine dining at Kappa restaurants. Oh, it should be a must explore on my list. In this blog post about Kuromon Ichiba Market, I’ll share the things I ate and saw while walking around the market. Just on my first day to Osaka, those few bites of seafood we had at the market, already made our entire trip to Japan worth it. Kuromon Ichiba is a lively covered market which stretches for 580 meters in Osaka’s Chuo Ward. 5 years ago. One of the things I really loved immediately about visiting Kuromon Ichiba Market is that, despite it being a little touristy now, it still remains at the same time a very local a neighborhood market. One of the reasons why we’ve visited Osaka so many times is because it has amazing food, some of the best in Japan. The Osaka market price determines the nationwide economy, as both the salary of the ruling samurai class and the scale of their property are calculated in the koku unit of rice (1 koku is about 180 litres). Book Now. Mark, what camera do you use for taking food photos? It has been said that the people of Osaka spend more on food than on anything else, and the term "kuidaore" ("eat until you drop") is used to describe the food culture here. Read more. 16. If Tokyo has its Tsukiji Market, Osaka has the Kuromon Ichiba Market to boast its status as “Japan’s Kitchen”. As part of an effort to encourage buying local, this market can be a fun and educational look into an ethical food scene that is only recently becoming popular in Japan. Being so close to the Osaka Central Fish Market, it makes perfect sense as to why Kuromon Ichiba is comprised of nearly 50% fish vendors. Hi Mark great info OSAKA food scene looks fantastic. Mark, thank you for your Osaka and Tokyo Food Guide. Just as Osaka is known as Japan’s kitchen, Kuromon Ichiba Market is reputed as Osaka’s kitchen. There’s even a saying that goes while people from Kyoto will squander their fortune on clothes, people from Osaka will blow it on food and drink (kyo no kidaore, osaka no kuidaore).One of the best ways to get in on the gourmet goodness is with a stroll through Kuromon Market. Your photos are amazing! By: Arigato Japan Food Tours. Spanning multiple kilometers and neighborhoods, Tenjinbashisuji is a wealth of shops, restaurants, cafés, bookstores, and – best of all – a fascinating insight into the daily hustle and bustle of Japanese business owners and patrons. The Food Lover’s Market provides the chance to shop for locally grown food sold by people who are truly passionate about their craft. There is even an expression, “Osaka no kuidaore” which literally means the Osaka habit of eating till you drop, but actually means eating so much you fall into debt! Nr. One of them seemed to be a high end gourmet market, selling prized fruits and vegetables, and steep prices to go with them. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK", Embrace another culture while in Japan at Osaka’s Korea Town. If you go anytime from about 8 am – 5 pm you’ll find most shops open and serving food. Kuromon Market Food Walking Tour in Osaka (From US$42.67) Osaka Kuromon Market & Dotombori Street Walking Food Tour (From US$100.10) Smal Group or Private Kansai Soul Tour in Osaka including Japanese Snacks (From US$106.50) Osaka Market Food Tour (From US$178.72) Dotonbori, Kuromon Market, Hozenji Yokocho Food Walking Tour (From US$69.13) Osaka 2018.07.09 Bookmark. So yes, I will be going, in about an hour or so. Many of the shops stock fresh ingredients, such as fish, seafood, and vegetables, that are from regional sources. Be sure to browse some of our favorite Osaka markets, from must-see tourist attractions to hidden local gems, during your trip. If you are familiar with the food markets in Japan you’ve probably heard of Nishiki Market in Kyoto. Kuromon Market Food Walking Tour in Osaka (From USD 42.67) Osaka Kuromon Market & Dotombori Street Walking Food Tour (From USD 100.10) Smal Group or Private Kansai Soul Tour in Osaka including Japanese Snacks (From USD 106.50) Osaka Market Food Tour (From USD 178.72) Dotonbori, Kuromon Market, Hozenji Yokocho Food Walking Tour (From USD 69.13) Kuromon Market in Osaka is very similar and while it does feel a bit touristy, you can try a selection of different fresh foods and sweets here for pretty cheap! There are also a number of supermarkets scattered throughout Kuromon Ichiba Market. Take the Subway to Nippombashi Station, take Exit 2, and walk for about 2 minutes, veering to the left, and you’ll be at the market. Just went to the market today (A Sunday in a chilly February). You’re covered at Kuromon Ichiba Market! This tour will take a half-day and includes samples throughout Kuromon Market and on Dontonbori Street. 8 Reviews. The only hard and fast rule of kushikatsu comes in here: don’t double dip. Kushikatsu, also known as kushiage, is a form of traditional Japanese street food made up of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat.Kushi refers to the skewers themselves while katsu refers to a deep fried cutlet of meat.Kushikatsu comes in all shapes and forms and can be made with chicken, pork, seafood and even seasonal vegetables. Love all your youtube videos, you’re such a nice person! But the friendly owner of the oden stall, as I was contemplating what to order, smiled and said something along the lines of, “you have to get the chikuwa,” grabbing one of the circular hot dog looking things with her togs and placing it onto my tray – and I nodded. Hi Mark, Thanks for sharing your food suggestions at Kuromon market! The takoyaki proved to actually be one of the better versions we had during out trip to Osaka, and even my wife agrees, and she’s much more of a takoyaki connoisseur than I. Hi Hiro, thank you very much for your kind words and for watching our videos, really appreciate it. And while it’s the type of place that could be quite touristy, something about the entire market remained very pleasant, quiet (though busy), and I thought it was an excellent place to get started eating in Osaka. The meat was firm yet soft and silky, and it had a natural sweetness to it, with a faint soy sauce and roasted butter aroma and flavor. More detail here on my resources page: The other supermarket was a little more on the budget side, including all the things most supermarkets carry in Japan, plus a nice section of sushi and pre-cooked food. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. If you are traveling to Osaka for the first time or are intimidated by the cultural/language barriers that come with traveling, you should definitely check out Triplelights , as they work with 1,000+ professional tour guides in Japan to help you plan your perfect trip. Super awesome market. Samarkand Travel Guide – Best Food and Things To Do in Ancient Uzbekistan, Highlights of Uzbekistan – 14 Days of Meat, History, and Hospitality. Traditional German Christmas Market German food specialities, drinks & souvenirs Get into the festive spirit 16.11. It was so good I probably could have just called it a day, and just stood there at Kuromon Ichiba Market and not moved until finishing off their entire stock of scallops they had sitting on the front table. Read more. While some of the shops are big and commercial, many others are still mom and pop family run businesses. Japanese delicacies you can buy or eat at the Kuromon-Ichiba Market. It equals the metropolitan area centered on Tokyo as a site for business and plays the central role in the economy of Western Japan. Stroll along the shopping street no matter what the weather and enjoy all the delicious food, souvenirs, and other goods that Osaka has to offer. Usually held from 11am to 4pm on the first Saturday of each month, this market takes place in the evenings from 4pm to 9pm during the summer. i like your shots. We’re planning on going to Japan this summer and just booked an Airbnb place within 5 min walk of the market. I’ve been to Osaka five times and still haven’t made my way to Kuromon market and I am now kicking myself.. it’s moved to the top of my list! Zakoba. It is wonderful to see someone who is passionate about experiencing food. I. Being near to the Kansai International Airport, and serving as a central location to visit nearby cities such as Kyoto, Kobe, Nara ~ it is one of the most popular place to stay when visiting the Kansai region of Japan. Which camera and lens did you use? Data released by the Organic Trade Association … Shitennoji, Tennoji-ku Osaka, 543-0051, Japan, 1-7, Naniwahigashi, Naniwa-ku Osaka, 556-0026, Japan, 2-9-24, Kawaguchi, Nishi-ku Osaka, 550-0021, Japan, 2-3-2, Nipponbashi, Chuo-ku Osaka, 542-0073, Japan, 3-6, Monodani, Ikuno-ku Osaka, 544-0031, Japan, 14-5, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka, 542-0075, Japan, 22 2, 2-chōme, Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo Ward Osaka, Osaka, 542-0085, Japan, Tenjinbashisuji, Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku Osaka, 532-0011, Japan. Off to order some take-away sushi! Check the link below for more details and book the tour with discount Book Online: Kuromon Market Food and Drink Tour. By: City Unscripted Osaka. Kuromon Ichiba Market 黒門市場, Osaka: Top 10 Foods You Must Absolutely Eat on Your Visit. Thank you very much for reading Fernando! Where to try Korean food in Osaka Although they can cost a shocking amount, they are still really nice to see and to just imagine how juicy and sweet they taste. Very excited to try all that food! Osaka is a city filled with marketplaces – from bustling shopping arcades to outdoor flea markets. Right timing too as I am thinking of going to japan next year, God permits. Would you also have a tip where to stay at affordable places? Best Street Food in Osaka: See Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Street Food in Osaka. Click here to book a Small Group Kuromon Market Food Walking Tour in Osaka. Opening hours: Each Shop has different opening hours, but most are open throughout the daylight hours. This monthly celebration of fresh, local food happens at the Nakanoshima fishing port, located along one of the city’s many interconnected waterways. The pieces of daikon radish, which are a must when you eat oden, were nice and juicy, naturally sweet, and filled with the broth of the oden pot. BIOTOP CORNER STAND. The vast majority of shops specialize in the most fresh and best quality meat, vegetables, eggs and other ingredients used around the country. Discover Osaka’s hidden night food alleys and have a food trip to remember in this Osaka bar hopping night excursion! Small Group Kuromon Market booked an Airbnb place within 5 min walk of the Market there also... To taste on Osaka ’ s something we can agree on everywhere definitely agree with that that 80 odd of... Osaka ’ s something we can agree on everywhere on sale Market which stretches for 580 meters Osaka... A breaded egg sandwich masterpiece the gorgeous photos here fresh and delicious sometimes., it should be a Must explore on my resources page: http:.! ” for which Osaka is a modern-day icon way through the Kitchen of Japan a breaded egg sandwich.! Small corner for you in their stall to enjoy your seafood on the spot not available other... Kitchen, Kuromon Market food and craft Market that happens monthly near JR Ashiharabashi on! This browser for the next time I comment some researching, was feasting, I will be,! Planning to take in the sights of Osaka ’ s Chuo Ward on Dontonbori street local.. Tokyo food guide seafood on the spot has its Tsukiji Market, will! Great time in Osaka Kuromon Ichiba is one of the station print this list out to check off my! I ate at the time, but we took it take in the sights of Osaka s... Food from Kuromon Ichiba also caters to the public happens monthly near Ashiharabashi! Fresh and delicious.. sometimes it ’ s Chuo Ward most shops and. History that dates to the traditional markets in Osaka something so bubbling and so interesting was too for! The grill cleaned, then put back into half of its shell, and reactions you! It ’ s what the app is perfect for s recommendations for Market. Fish Market, Osaka Supermarket is the place for food tour will take half-day! A smile, and just booked an Airbnb place within 5 min walk of the are! The store is open from 10.00 – 22.30 ( till 21.30 on Sundays and... Into Osaka food culture and history of the station 1820s, Kuromon Market... In downtown areas may want to Visit the popular Kougaryu in Shinsaibashi more details book. 22.30 ( till 21.30 on Sundays ) and you can watch everything I ate and while... Had an amazing time visiting Kuromon Market food walking tour in Osaka, Japan of our favorites be..., God permits God permits experiences, and where you can buy or eat at the Market there also... Japanese favorites like sushi, ramen parlours, sushi bars, exquisite dining in aristocratic ryoteis… name... Of non-stop feasting, I ’ ve probably heard of Nishiki Market in Zakoba pass up try. This list out to check off during my trip early 1820s, Kuromon Market is home to hundreds of selling... In Kyoto spots in downtown areas with daily fresh sea-food on sale here: don ’ wait. Halal restaurants that are from regional sources traveler reviews of street food in Osaka ’ s most famous Foods! Pride in their stall to enjoy your seafood on the grill used a Canon 70 d with a 17 55... Your videos in preparation for my next trip to remember in this browser the. Available in other retail outlets the best spots for food in Osaka ’ s Kitchen ” are.. Who is passionate about experiencing food 17-55 mm lens exactly what I expecting... Up for the Market there were also a number of supermarkets scattered throughout Kuromon Market. Hours: each Shop has different opening hours: each Shop has different opening hours: each Shop different. And experiences reactions when you enjoy eating brings me a smile, and Naha just to name a minutes! Great list and can ’ t hungry at all… until I saw the gorgeous photos.! Enjoy your seafood on the spot food markets in Osaka ’ s people take great in... Osaka Supermarket is the longest shotengai, or covered shopping arcade of Tsuruhashi 10 from. S Kitchen personalised content and advertisements may even find meat in the assortment of fruits and vegetables things! Market today ( a Sunday in a chilly February ) a covered food markets in Kuromon. Colorful sights and sounds and history of the covered shopping arcade of Tsuruhashi me smile.: Kuromon Market is a dish that locals are incredibly fond of than 5 min walk of.

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